My name is Senior Airman Lindsey Haines. I am temporarily reassigned to the 509th Bomb Wing from the 442d Fighter Wing at Whiteman AFB, MO for seasoning training. I graduated Basic Military Training on 26 December 2019 and the Paralegal Apprentice Course (PAC) on 15 April 2020. PAC was recently extended to just over 12 weeks as it is now teaching what used to be 7-level curriculum. 

I believe that is helpful, in that 3-levels just coming out of PAC are now able to accomplish more tasks, and be more productive in their legal offices. It is also helpful to the reservists that otherwise may not receive that training until they attend the Paralegal Craftsman Course (PCC).

Being in the USAF Reserves is a whole different ballgame than being active duty, especially when you look at the JAG Corps. On a typical drill weekend, I expect to draft several powers of attorney, wills and maybe a legal review here and there. 

Here in the active duty office, there are typically several Article 15s processing, discharges being reviewed, courts to witness and a huge number of civil law tasks to be completed. I have been able to draft an Article 15, conduct over 50 UIF legal reviews and assist with other military justice tasks. I have also been able to sit-in on two motions hearings during my time here.

SrA Haines during her promotion ceremony alongside her parents, CMSgt (ret.) Bob Haines, and MSgt (ret.) Lisa Haines.

The opportunity the 442d Fighter Wing is giving me to be on seasonal training orders in the 509th Bomb Wing JAG office is exceptional. Without it, I would not be getting some of the training needed to be successful on the Reserves side of the JAG Corps. I have the opportunity to learn a lot of what goes on in military justice and civil law that I would not receive being in the office just one weekend per month. 

In addition, the training is going to help me with the added responsibilities as I progress through my career, when I am being signed off on tasks for my 5-skill level, and when I am testing for my career development courses (CDCs).

The individuals working in this office are extremely professional and courteous when helping me with my training and I am learning a lot from the seasoned paralegals and attorneys. I was worried that I would be considered an outcast being that I am a Reservist, but I was welcomed with open arms. I was immediately set with tasks to work on, and couldn’t wait to get to work. I am leaving with knowledge that will serve me well for the rest of my career. I am hoping to come back to the 509th in a few months for additional training and to finish my CDCs. 

I joined the Air Force to simply do something more for my country. When I joined, I did not realize that I would enjoy being in the military as much as I do. My parents had always talked about how much they enjoyed serving and being a part of a team or something bigger; I now understand what they meant by that. 

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