An Article 15 Short Story

Today is going to be a bad day. They’ve told me I need to wear my Service Dress Uniform and go see the commander. I knew going to that party the other day would be a bad idea. I don’t even know why this is such a big deal, everybody underage drinks.  Disclaimer: This is a…

A Seasoning Training Tour

My name is Senior Airman Lindsey Haines. I am temporarily reassigned to the 509th Bomb Wing from the 442d Fighter Wing at Whiteman AFB, MO for seasoning training. I graduated Basic Military Training on 26 December 2019 and the Paralegal Apprentice Course (PAC) on 15 April 2020. PAC was recently extended to just over 12 weeks as…

AF Paralegal Journal Intro

Welcome to the new Air Force Paralegal Journal. This platform will allow an opportunity for all Paralegals in the Air Force to discuss a wide array of topics at any given time. Do you want to talk about Military Justice or Civil Law processes? Do you want to write about your deployment experience? Do you…

In this episode, we chat with SSgt Savannah Perez (Hickam AFB, HI), another high performer in our career field. We get to know a little more about her, her background, how she became a Paralegal, and what drives her towards excellence.
TSgt Douglas Lust (PME Instructor; Vehicle Maintenance), and SSgt Lathaniel Leigh (Religious Affairs; Vehicle Maintenance) talk about their experiences as Vehicle Maintainers in the Air Force and share some information about their culture, and understandings of the Legal World and overall legal career field. This approach is done with the intent to know more about our Air Force community and those we serve around the base.
MSgt Albert Perez Oyola, and A1C Zachery Gilbert cover Paralegal History in the Air Force with a focus on CMSgt Steve Swigonski’s story from being a Private in the brand new Air Force, to being the first Senior Paralegal Manager.

19. New Team Introduction: Mission & Vision Statements and Intros AF Paralegal Podcast

In this episode, we proudly introduce the new members of the AF Paralegal Podcast as we strive to continue bringing quality content to the career-field.
  1. 19. New Team Introduction: Mission & Vision Statements and Intros
  2. 18. TSgt Olaya-Gonzalez: Paralegal Deployment & Office of Disability Counsel
  3. 17. 1Lt Fisher: ANG Paralegal / Attorney
  4. 16. A1C Ramsay: International Airman
  5. 15. SSgt Fenton: Paralegal Retraining and E-FLEP